Child theme version

Hello, we’re using Illdy and having problems with the child theme. We’re not specifically enqueueing the child theme, just using a standard setup.

In the source code, our child theme gets listed like this:

The version number at the end causes us problems with browser caching, as it doesn’t update when changing our stylesheet, as version is the same.

I’ve tried different ways of overriding this in our child theme functions.php, but can’t get it to work. I know about the general WordPress resources for child themes, but I can’t seem to get the child theme setup in a way that the 1.0.16 from the parent theme, doesn’t spill into my child theme style.css

Hi there

Not sure, how or why this is happening, are you using any function modification in your child theme? if you are using a child theme without any modification I would recommend switching to a parent theme