choose the categories to be shown in blog


I set up slider with 3 images. Because I did so, the blog page shows also the 3 slider posts. I don’t want that the blog page shows the categorie slider. Is there a way to exclude that categorie?

If I use a static page as homepage, where do I find the blog page then?

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If you select a static homepage then you need to assign a static blog page, to add a blog page, go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays and assign a posts page.

Once the blog page is assigned then the slider should not appear on it.

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A part of the question is solved => thansk!

I already set static home page and blog page.

Problem: If you want to add a slider, you have to make a post a message in the category ‘slider’. If I go to the blog page, the messages in the category ‘slider’ are also shown. So my question is: Is there a way to select (or exclude) certain categories for (from) the blog page?


You can exclude it from blog page by using the custom code solution shared in the following topic.