Clark: missing top hamburger menu in mobile

The Clark template is missing hamburger menu in mobile and tablet view. It can also be seen in the preview provided on the website. The menu seems to disappear when scrolled. However, clicking it expands the menu. Any fix to make the menu icon visible always?

Hey there

Please provide link to the problem page and I will check it

Here is the page

hey there

Well, I can clearly see hamburger menu here: Screenshot by Lightshot is this resolved?

Yes, but when the page is scrolled down, it disappears. However, clicking in that area opens the menu. How can it be made to stay visible even when the page is scrolled down.


Ah, ok, that can be easily fixed by this css code:

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.ftco-navbar-light.scrolled .navbar-toggler {
color: #fefefe !important;
border-color: #00000080 !important;

No, that does not seem to fix the issue. :frowning:


Clear cache and check again, I see its changed :slight_smile:

Yes indeed. Thanks for the support!! :smiley:

You are very welcome :slight_smile:

Have a nice day