closed topic while issue not fixed


Please do not close my thopic until the issue is actually fixed.
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My reply :

Emails already sent on 7th of january, 4th of may, 5th of may. Contact form also used. No reply received.

Hi there

Im sorry but there is nothing I can do, Im providing support for users who need help in templates, I don’t manage financial information, what I know for sure is that all our users used Paypal receipt as s invoice and this is normal and you may also use it

All users? No :

I need an invoice for accounting purpose and a receipt does not meet my requirements.

Can you please confirm that you have successfully reach Aigars about my case?



We are not issuing invoices before payments, the invoice is a request for payment while a receipt is proof of payment. Customers receive invoices before they pay for a product or service and receive receipts after they pay, we don’t have such option, you are just receiving recipe of payment and that’s it,

No, I did not contact about this to Aigars

In my country, which is an european country, we NEED, for accounting purposes, INVOICES that cleary show :
seller info including VAT number if applicable
buyer info including VAT number if applicable
product / service purchased
product / service price
INVOICE number

A receipt does not meet those requirements.
And btw, an invoice can be issued after payment. Pro-forma invoices, on the contrary, are issued before payment.

Since you didn’t contact Aigars about this, please contact him. I need an invoice by next week.
If you are not able to provide invoice because you are not a registered business then please let us know.


Hey there

As we said before we are not issuing invoices

Is colorlib/divilab/Aigars a registered business? If yes, in which country?


Dear, I don’t know, im not eligible to answer on all these questions, I’m just a support person who is working to help customers who have problems with the templates and Wordpress theme, it’s not my responsibility to answer on outside support questions, plus, I don’t know it.

Then please, escalate this to the relevant person :slight_smile: On my side, I already tried but without any result. I guess that you have a more direct line than me.

As I stated before we are not issuing invoices :slight_smile:

You also said that you are “not eligible to answer on all these questions” so please escalate the questionS to the person who is eligible.
I need the questionS to be replied by next Friday.
Oh and I ALSO need an invoice.

Have a great day my dear