Code Description on SHOP MENU

Hello there, How are you?

I’d like to ask you, kindly, some hint for how to disable a “code description” which is shown when the cursor is hovered on SHOP menu. (please see file enclosed for further details).
I really aprreciate your attention

Best regarsds,


Hi Leo,

I am doing well and thank you for your question.

You can just add empty space or text in the title attribute of that menu item.

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Hey hi, Thks for your quick reply.

I tried to do as you had told me, I am not sure whether I did in a properly way, because it has worked successfully. I am a sending a screeshot enclosed.

thank you again

Not sure what you did because the text is translated in your shared screenshot.

Please see the attached screenshot.

hey, Movin, it’s worked like a charm!!! I appreciate a lot your support! Tks!!!

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: