Coffee Blend Slider

Hello, please how do I adjust the home page slider timer?.
Also, the first slide seems to be buggy as it doesn’t show after the first cycle, meaning whenever the slides have gone a full cycle, the first slide is usually blank, then the subsequent slides continue working normally until it comes back to the first slide again. how do I solve this?.

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Which slider and where exactly? please always include a link to your website in the question


The website has not been hosted yet, however, this is the template and I’m talking about the slider on the index page.

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You need to find that in the Js folder, there will be one file with the configuration option to change the timing for the slider

I’m sorry, i have been trying for days but not found it Please can you help?..I’ll be grateful!.

Hello, i’ve been able to solve it. I did so in the owl.carousel.min.js file by changing the autorefreshTimeout object from “5e3” to “7000” because i wanted it to last for 7 seconds and not 5. Apparently, it also solved the first slide bug too. Thank you!.

That’s it :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the solution

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