Coffee Blend Theme not scrolling on mobile (ios and android)

Hi there. I bought the Coffee Blend theme a while ago, it works great but unfortunately gives me trouble when scrolling on my Note 8, Note 9 and iPhone 7 Plus. I checked the original version of the template I bought and the problem still persists.
I hosted the site on Github pages: Open Table Biltong Bar & Restaurant
Original Code: Coffee - Free Bootstrap 4 Template by Colorlib
Please assist

Hey there

This css code can fix the issue:

.owl-carousel.owl-drag .owl-item {
-ms-touch-action: initial;
touch-action: initial;
-webkit-user-select: initial;
-moz-user-select: initial;
-ms-user-select: initial;
user-select: initial;

Does that go in the style.css file, correct?


Yes, you may place it at the bottom