Color of header and menu changes after clicking on it

Hi, i’m experiencing some problems with the header and menu titles on my site If i click on the header and mouse off from it while the page is loading the color of it changes back to the original green. I have seen this on both Chrome and IE.

There is an old post here on the forum where the same problem is described but no solution seemed to be found.

Hope you can help me!

This looks like cache issues and it should go away eventually. As I visited your website this problem is not there anymore.

Cache is a saved copy of your website that is saved on both your server and your browser to make it faster to load when you return to website again. As you make changes, some old information might be saved somewhere on your browser and it takes time until it goes away. If not, you can always clear your browser cache to get see changes instantly.

Ok, I found one minor issue with your navigation. Text itself turns green and you can change that by adding this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

#main-nav li:hover a, #main-nav ul ul :hover a, #main-nav a:focus {
  color: #fff;

Sorry that I didn’t notice it at first.

Perfect, this worked!
I also made the changes for the site title as the issue was the same here.

Hello again!

Now I found the problem on the post titles as well. I tried to add this line of code to the Custom CSS but it did’nt have any effect. Do I need to add something more?

.entry-title a:hover,.entry-title a:focus,.entry-title a:active {
	color: #2ad0d6;

Regards Emelie

Your given code is working perfectly fine. Don’t see any problems at all.