Colorlib dashboard License

Dear Customer support,

  1. Is the licensing fee of a free dashboard the same as a free template?
  2. If I already have purchased one license and paid the fee but now instead of just buying and another license, can I pay $99-$21 =$78. I just love your template and in future may use other template too.
  3. Also unlimited license contains license for dashboard as well?

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hi Sarfraz

Thank you for questions and kind words and let me answer them

  1. yes, its same license is about the right to remove the footer credit, everything is the same
  2. not clearly understand this part but i think this page will clear your question:
    Licence - Colorlib
  3. same as the first question :slight_smile:

Hi Noda!
Thank you so much for the explanation. You are always very helpful and prompt.


Thank you, Sarfraz you are always welcome and you know what to do in case you have a question,

have a great day :wink: