Colour Scheme

Hi…firstly this is an amazing theme…thankyou for your hardwork!

  1. I want to change the ‘red colour scheme’ to blue…I’ve changed a few elements, but I can’t work out things such as ‘read more’ button colour and when I click a link in the header, it starts as blue but then turns red if you ‘move your mouse away’…also my home/blog link is ‘red’?

  2. Is there a way to remove the featured image from the home page on an individual post? (i.e. but keep the image as a thumbnail in the widget section or when you read the full post

Thanks again…love the work

You are right about menu item color, will improve it in the next theme version.

Read more button color can be changed and it does work like it should. Use color picker available via Theme Options - Main - Element color.

Removing featured image front page is only possible by editing code itself. You can achieve this by removing this line of code from content.php and content-single.php files.

<?php the_post_thumbnail( 'sparkling-featured', array( 'class' => 'single-featured' )); ?>

Actually you can edit menu item color via Theme Options - Header - “Top nav item color” Even adding there white color would solve all your problems.

However, still active menu item will have default color but that will be improved soon.

Great theme but two questions… After changing the H1-h6 colors and hover colors, my blog titles are still that dark gray; and when hovering over them they show up as red for link color. This is conflicting with the rest of the blog headline and link colors…

Also, how do I create the post excerpts… I am pulling thru complete posts for every one.


Please always start your own thread because your question is different and issues mentioned above are resolved.

Thanks for pointing this out, I will add this in the future update.

Theme supports regular
tag which is available via button along other post styling options. This is a standard WordPress functionality and this theme does support it flawlessly.