Column on left side of my site??


First time poster.

I am working on a new layout for a clients site and for some reason and i cannot find where this being controlled but the site has now got a column on the right side of the site. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

the site is

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Can anyone help?

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I do not see a new column on the right of the site.

This theme uses a widget based customization system so please enable the Illdy companion widget then go to Appearance > Widgets and assign widgets to the front page widget area.

There are also footer widget so you can edit those also in the Appearance > Widgets area.

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there was a problem with the theme.

I have now changed it to the llly theme and the column is there again.

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I hope you’re doing well today

I’m glad you’ve got the issue sorted.
Let me know if you have any other issues.

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This problem is still occurring. I need to remove the white space on the right side of the site.

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So i have fixed this problem myself.

If you replace all the widget in the footer with blank text widget the template adds a column to the page.

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