Columns in Blog Posts

Good afternoon Team!

I’ve seen a strand talking about splitting columns on posts, but didn’t understand it, is it possible to help me feature two columns, side by side in some posts? I believe it is code I need to put into the individual post?

I’d appreciate your help. I love this them and my site is looking fantastic already. Included a link to a typical blog post I’d like to do in columns.

Thank you!


Hello Nico

Hope you re well today buddy :slight_smile:
so, you want to split your post page content by two? im right? if this is the case then you have to use shortcode like this:

Good morning! Thanks, I’ll check it out right away, Noda. How are you?

My other question was to see if you could help me make the counters visible please? I tried everything this weekend, but public still cannot see them :frowning:

Would appreciate your help.


Hello Nico

thank you buddy, im fine :slight_smile:
already answered on the counter question :slight_smile:

Hello Noda.

In response to the above string. I used the code which worked for one of my pages I also wanted two columns.

I have another page, on my about us page ( where I am wondering. Is it possible to have two columns for only a portion of the page, but then continue lower in the page at only 1 column?

Essentially, I am trying to have about us page show two columns at the top, there are two people in the about us. The picture and bio would be two column. Then at the bottom of the page, I want the last paragraph to stay full width in 1 column.

Thank you!!