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Im a newly designer and I don’t know how I can make background images change automatically same as which I found in demo page.
Please let me know what to do to change images time to time .

Hey there

Which images and where? please share url of your page and give me a reference of the section you want to change the images

Hi again
this is my web page URL:
I need to use those images which stored in the Images folder
Bg01, bg02, bg03, bg04
I need to define the time I’m before the new picture shows and enable automatically change background picture

Well, there is no such option to change them, this template does not have such option and im afraid without customization it’s not possible to make it happen,
In this case, you need to find someone who can make such changes for you

Thank you for reply, but as can be seen in demo page, background images are changing automatically after 8 sec.

This is the demo page URL:

What is difference between that page and my page?


You probably deleted some html codes here? Screenshot by Lightshot

basically you only need to replace images, without changing their names

I removed and re-installed it, again I face the problem.
how I can remove it completely from WP and DB?

its an HTML template, it does not have a database