Coming Soon Template Shapely / ColorLib


I am using the Colorlib Coming Soon template 09.
Everything is great except there is no window for people to register to the mailing list.
Is there a way to add it through a widget or else ?

thank you very much

Hi There,

Thanks a lot for the great feedback regarding the theme.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid there is no inbuilt option to add such a function. You would need to customize the files to add the form.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your fast answer.
Do you have actual tips or tools to do so even if it is out the template.
As well now when I try to change from the Theme 09 to another theme I don’t see the update on the previsualisation page. I have the actual shapely platform visible. So I don’t know if I did something wrong or what ?
before whenever I changed the theme of the coming soon it changed automatically

thank you

Hey there

Can you show me your website? Is it a plain HTML template or WordPress?
if its HTML template then you need to implement form yourself, but if its WordPress then there will be an option to add subscribe functionality

Good morning
It is wordpress. Website so fare is
I am using your coming soon template but would like to add a email windiw to generate leads (commercial leads)
Thank you again for your help

Good morning

Sorry, but this template does not have option to add subscription form, you either need to implement it by third party plugins or by modifying this comming soon template