Comments are not showing up

I use Shapely on my blog ( and I have noticed some irregularities with comments. Some readers mentioned that it takes longer to comment now that I have switched to the Shapely theme. Usually I comment through the WP dashboard, so I had not noticed. But today I tried to post a comment on a post and it never did show up. Every time I tried to post the comment, a little wheel spun for a couple of seconds and then the comment and the box just disappeared.

Please let me know if you need any additional info. Thanks for your help.


You’re using Jetpack comments, Jetpack Comments I suggest you to use the default comment of WordPress, or you can also create a support ticket on Jetpack and they will assist you.

It seems like a JS compatibility issue perhaps, so try disable any other third party plugin you installed, clear the browser cache and see that fixes the issue.

Let us know,