Comments don't show on Pages


I really like the Sparkling theme, but I have a little problem. On my posts, the comments are shown, but on pages they don’t. The comment box is checked on the ‘‘screen options’’, so they are enabled, but still don’t appear on my pages.
Thank you in advance for your answer.

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I’m seeing the same issue. I was on Sparkling 1.6.0 and WP 4.2.2 and I had no issues with Pages (which configured to show Comments), showing Comments. Once I upgraded to Sparkling 1.9.1, all of my Pages which are set to show Comments, don’t, just like cristina’s issue.

Can you please let us know if this is a bug, or something we need to tweak in a non-obvious way?

Thank you for all the great work on the Sparkling theme. I love it.


I also have that problem. I looked in the php files but can’t find anything different about the comments section when I compare single posts to pages.

Otherwise no issues, I really love this theme! Best I’ve ever had.

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Hello again!

I found the solution! Lol, I feel stupid for not seeing it before. You just go to customize theme, click on Content options and check the box “Display Comments on Static Pages?”. All done! :slight_smile:


Hey gameofchess

That still doesn’t work for me. I even went to the specific page and checked the box “allow comments”. However when I change themes the comment box shows up, so I think there might be a bug?

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I seem to remember that the post below, in a separate thread, from Cristina, helped me solve this problem on my blog. You basically need to check, uncheck, and check the choice again and then it should work.

See here: