Comments showing as from the same user when they were different users


Not sure if anyone will be able to answer this, but there is something strange happening with the comments on my website using the Activello theme.

At this time, I have received two comments on my new website. One was posted by a friend as a test, and then I received another from another reader later that day. For some reason, both comments are showing as my friend Ryan (including his email address), although it shows the IP address as different and I confirmed this comment was from another user. Why was the comment submitted under his name? This other user has no access to his name and email, so did not do this themselves. Any ideas why the comment ended up being labeled under his name?

I was having issues with comments from users being marked as spam/bots prior to these events and had to deactivate the MojoMarketplace plugin to fix this, but not sure if this is related at all. Thanks!

Hi @toforeignfields,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

If the user is not logged in then he gets comment form as shown in the attached screenshot where the user can add Ryan name and email address.

To stop this you can only allow logged in users to comment on your site by enabling the option "Users must be registered and logged in to comment " in your site Discussion Settings as shown in the second attached screenshot.

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