Comments URL to open in new window

Hi, is there something I can edit to make the urls of my commenters open in a new window? Right now when I click on their name, their website opens in the same window.

Also, I just realized on mobile version, my website the italics don’t show up. On my latest post, the photo captions and some other words are italicized on desktop version, but on the phone the formatting is all gone.

  1. For Italic most likely you have cached version of your website displayed on mobile because fonts are rendered just fine on your website. Tested on Galaxy S4/S3/S2 iPad and iPhone. Some fonts might be rendered differently on some devices but then you should get in touch with Browser developers, device manufacturers or team who created CSS as a whole :slight_smile: There is nothing I can do from my side.
  2. For comments to open in new page you can either use some plugin or simply add this to Child Theme functions.php
function comment_links_in_new_tab($text) {
  $return = str_replace('<a', '<a target="_blank"', $text);
  return $return;
add_filter('get_comment_author_link', 'comment_links_in_new_tab');
add_filter('comment_text', 'comment_links_in_new_tab');