Compatibility issue with "The Events Calendar" plugin

A fresh install of Newspaper X with The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe plugin fails to display the title for the event or other event related info. These aspects of the event display properly when using the default theme from WordPress. Is there a events plugin which is known to work with Newspaper X?

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Sorry about this, can i see the problem? please provide a link of the page where I can see the problem you faced

Single event:

You’ll also notice the page which should be a calendar basically just shows the same thing as that single event:

I have tried switching themes while on each of those pages and have not yet found another theme that fails to display the event calendar or individual events properly. I’ll try to attach a screenshot of those two pages using the “Twenty Seventeen” theme in live preview mode as an example.

I should also point out that only one event has been added. The website is very new and we’re in the process of adding the event calendar.

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I have tested this plugins on the theme and it does not seem to be compatible with the theme so you can try using one of the following plugins instead:

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