Compiling main.scss

I would like to make some small changes to main.scss, I’ve done that and then re-compiled like this

sass wordpress/wp-content/themes/illdy/layout/scss/main.scss wordpress/wp-content/themes/illdy/layo

Problem is the main.css is now very different from the one distributed with the theme. Am I compiling it the right way?

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If you are adding new CSS to the theme, it would be best to add it in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

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I know about using “Customize” and also adding additional styles to wordpress/wp-content/themes/illdy/style.css.

But what if I wanted to make changes to main.scss. Is there a command I can use to recompile it. Using the sass compiler directly would be best, but I could also use wordpress cli maybe?

My question is really, if I want to make changes to the illdy theme itself, then how do I recompile the main.css?