I have purchased confer html template.
I wonder how I can edit/apply SCSS changes to the template, since the gulpfile.js does not include them.

Hey there

No Gulpfile.js is necessary to work with HTML template, some templates may not contain it, use a classic method to edit files, or, you can also implement an SCSS processor on your own


Can you please look into the files before answering my request?

The gulpfile.js has several tasks, mostly to move and concat assets that are already build.

There is a /scss directory which contains several files. I wondered if I can use it to customize the theme. Can you please approach to theme author and let me know what build pipeline was used?

Since there is scss directory included it should be usable!


I understand but there is nothing more, we include everything that can be included and i cant provide anything else ((

Unfortunately, I also can’t reach the developer of this template

Hope you understand