Conflict with a Plugin - Improper indentations

Take a look at this post:

See the Table of Contents (TOC) near the start. All those bullet points in the TOC correspond to either h1 or h4 heading tags. The TOC is indented improperly. All of the h1 and h4 headings are indented too far to the right. except for the very last h1 heading.

See the following screenshot after switching theme to Twenty Sixteen for comparison::
Both levels of elements are now properly indented. The bug is gone.

The following screenshot is Twenty Fourteen:
The bullet points are not aligned with the text, and the first element is indented improperly. Though other posts with Twenty Fourteen did not have the indentation bug ​.Just giving you some more context.

The plugin bug only appeared after a recent plugin update. But the developer thinks it is a conflict with something else. He said, “We suspect other plugins might change the CSS assign to UL and LI HTML nodes. Please disable other plugins and check if that problem still exist.”

I already tested all my other plugins, and there is no conflict. The theme seems to be involved.


Actually ,even in Twenty Sixteen the table of contents has a bug still:
The first list item has that extra space below it.

I will let you know if the plugin developer says anything else.

I’ve confirmed it’s a bug with the plugin. Sorry to take your time. I will reopen if it seems theme related.


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Ok, I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved.
Feel free to contact us again Thanks!