Conflict with BBPress

I’m having an issue where BBress is not displaying forums properly in Newspaper X theme. When I add the shortcode, it seems to display an excerpt instead of building the index. It is the same issue at all levels of the forums. I disabled all other plugins and the theme and everything works fine. As soon as I enable Newspaper X, the issue comes back. The issue exists on PC and mobile. Below are links so that you can see the issue. Thanks!

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Have you tried to contact BBpress support?
by default, the plugin should work with any theme without problem

According to the post below (same issue), it was a problem with the theme and the developers were working. I’ve seen post here since that say that it’s working. I was hoping that someone knows what the fix is since the post has since been closed.

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Sorry, but the theme is not yet compatible to BBpress, this problem is already reported in our GitHub page: