Contact form 7 editing?

How can I edit or modify the post-submit page of the Contact Form 7 page of a form I have on my site? My contact form is at and when a person submits an inquiry, the page they see is bad looking and I’m trying to figure out how I can modify that page they get after submitting the form. I mean I don’t even see a place where i can put a default message after they submit the form, let alone the user interface looks bad. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


You can follow this official docs for that, Redirecting to another URL after submissions | Contact Form 7 you can redirect to a thank you page after the contact form is submitted, or you can try some plugins in the plugin repository for that.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to make contact form full width for desktop and responsive for other devices?
Many thanks

Hi @yv85,

Could you add the contact form to a page using it shortcode. Then set the page template option to full width on the page attributes section in the edit page area.

The use this CSS to make sure the input fields go full width.

form.wpcf7-form label {
    display: block;

add the shortcode to appearance \ customize - additional CSS.
Hope this helps.