Contact form 7 form distorted display

Hi, thanks for this awesome theme!

I’ve gotten around to customizing most sections to my taste but currently still face issues with contact form 7 layout.
I created a contact form that implements conditional logic using the Contact form 7 extension called - Conditional Fields for Contact form 7. After successfully applying the code to illdy, the resulting output was distorted with the hidden fields still showing underneath the form and the text boxes and areas scattered randomly across the section. My site is currently hosted offline for testing and modifications but I’ve attached relevant screenshots to better explain my issue.


Wow, that’s really messed up :slight_smile:

I would recommend you to make a backup and replace all the current files with the default/new ones, as it should fix the issue.

The source of this is more probably some CSS code malfunction, like a missing bracket } or something similar.

If you can send me the website link I will gladly have a closer look.


I’m customizing Illdy Version: 2.0.1 on Wordpress v. 4.8.1 in MAMP, when I activated the form from Contact Form 7 in the home page Contact section, the same formatting issue appeared. Please note the attachment. Is there is a solution?