contact form and testimonial colour change

Hi there is it possible to change the salmon colour background of the contact form as I would like to change it to a light grey. Also within the testimonial area of the text the colour of the area that holds the testimonial is a purple colour again I would like to cage this to a light grey. Thanks again

If you look in the layout folder, there’s a file called main.css (that’s where the css stylesheet is) - you can find all the css in there and then you can overrule their styles with your own choices. It’s actually very well organized. They number each section for you. For example, the contact section is #10. So once you find what you want to change you can either use a custom css plugin or the built in css editor - and you would just input what you want. So, for the contact area, you’d need this bit of css:

#contact-us {
width: 100%;
background-color: #dda06f;
padding: 40px 0 50px 0;
text-align: center;

And you’d change the background color to what you want.

I’ve read that the plugin is the way to go so that if you ever update your theme you won’t lose your changes…
Hope that helps.

Thanks again Marcee:-)

Hello @dunster72,

To change the testimonial text box background use this CSS code:

#testimonials .section-content .testimonials-carousel .carousel-testimonial .testimonial-content{
background-color: grey;
#testimonials .section-content .testimonials-carousel .carousel-testimonial .testimonial-content:after{
border-color: grey transparent transparent;

Change grey color to match yours.


Thanks again:-)


I am loving this new template.

However when I go to change the stylesheet CSS I get a 403 forbidden error???

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

My guess is that would be related to the FTP permissions set by your hosting provider. But you might be able to override the stylesheet without even accessing the original file. If you download a css plugin and just put the new CSS code in there, it should take precedence over the original wordpress files. You can also use important in the new style code to make sure it overrides the previous settings.

Thank you @marcee for the valuable information.

Getting a 403 error could be related to file modifications privileges and the easiest workaround would be to install a plugin to take care of the new CSS, something like Simple Custom CSS