Contact Form Email to Address

Dear Support,

I recently downloaded the ContactFrom_v12 template on the following link Contact V12

I would like to ask where I can change the email address that I receive the emails to. I have checked all the files and failed to find the code, please can you provide any guidance on this part.

much appreciated.


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You can change the email via Settings > General and edit the email that is used there.

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I’m 100% certain this isn’t the response they are looking for. The contact form doesn’t have any scripts and handlers for sending form data once you hit send. They are looking for guidance on how to remedy that issue.


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@brainoff template you mentioned is not wordpress or any CMS, its plain html template and it comes without form processing function, you have to implement them in the template

Dear All, thank you very much for your replies. I thought the same there is no handler to send the submitted emails. would be great too if these themes could include the handler script. Anyway I figure it out. have a great day.

Thank you brainoff

Since there are many variants of handler forms we decided to leave this for our customers :slight_smile: