Contact us not displaying

First, this is a copy of a topic I just created yesterday because I forgot to select “this is a support topic” when I created it, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

"Hello, The header stopped showing a large image after a recent update and I fixed it using the following custom css:

#header {
height: 95%;

but now the title of the Contact Us section sometimes does not appear and the first thing you see in that section is the text “And we will get in touch as soon as possible.”"

I attached a screenshot to the topic I made yesterday, thank you for your help!

Hello there,

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The “Contact Us” text does not appear on my end either. Please try removing the CSS code that you added earlier, so that I can see the page without it there.

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I have posted a private reply with my login info on the following support ticked:

Hi Support team,

I also have ‘Contact us’ issue. Can you please share with me the solution. you can see in my screenshot that contact us title on first page is missing. And also Adrees and Customer support title.

Thank you so much in advance. looking forward for the solution.

Nivesh Gandhi

I am still awaiting a fix of this and will share when I get a reply, but your issue looks more like what happened to my site after the latest Theme update, 2.0.
I went back to a previous theme update but still don’t see the Contact Us, or other homepage section titles.