Contact Us


I tried to send message via the contact us form but I did not receive any email.
Any idea how it works?


Hello @fzhcreation,

Can you please go to Dashboard > Contact > Contact form and do a validation check to be sure there is no configuration errors found?

Let me know if there’s any error in the form and we’ll continue from there.


Hi Support,

I performed the validation check and there is no error found.
When I tried to submit the form again, the arrow kept spinning and nothing happen.


I’m also having trouble with the contact us form on the home page.

Here’s the error message I get:
Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.

I looked at Dashboard>Contact>Contact form - no configuration errors found.

I’ve attached the resulting screen shot.

Please advise.

Hello @ejaqua,

There’s not much I can do about it, especially without any Dashboard access.

I see that you already use a same domain email address which is usually the cause of this error, but it could also be a SMTP issue or others

Please have a look on CF7 FAQ list and also the WP Support forum to try the various fixes that you can find for this error until it works out:
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