Content disappears when using full-width page template

I have another issue. When I change the format of the site to No Sidebars, Full Width – my information disappears… the content on the page. Only the title shows up. But when I reset the page layout to the default, my content returns. Also, since I don’t want posts to show and only the slider – now that I’ve place content into the sidebar – the sidebar is showing up on the home page. How can I have just the slider on the home without the sidebar – but have the sidebar on all of the other pages?

I am already aware of the No Sidebar, Full Width issues. I just fixed it and uploaded on You will soon get it as update. Should be available later today.

About the sidebar on homepage:

There are several ways to do this. If you are using right side sidebar as default one here is what you can do:
Find file content-rightsidebar.php which is located in theme folder.
And find the line of code that says:

< ?php get_sidebar( 'right' ); ?>
And replace with

< ?php if (is_front_page()) {
//Do nothing
} else {
< ?php get_sidebar( 'right' ); ?>
< ?php }

This should do the trick.

Not working for me.

Make sure you have right sidebar set as default in Theme Options. Then it should work. If you are using different layout setup, please let me know and I will try to find solution.
Does it return any errors or the sidebar is still there just like before?

I do. But your code in content-rightsidebar.php says the ID=”Secondary”. So is the Right Sidebar considered Secondary? Not Primary? I have the Right Sidebar layout selected and it’s still showing up.

Content is marked as Primary in my markup and Sidebar is market as Secondary.

Feel free to choose another theme but I am sure that everything works as it should. It is matter of configuration and custom code from your side.

I only customized colors with the them. No custom code. But thanks anyway.

I just tried to use Woocommerce Sidebars and although it added the sidebar and removed the content in your sidebar – nothing will show up in the newly created sidebar. I think I’ll have to look for another theme. I customized all of this but the sidebars and layouts aren’t working. Such a shame too because it really is a nice theme.