Content id and anchor

Hi there!
On my website I’ve made an hyperlink for the sections that you can see in the top of the page using the #idsection link. But, when i click on the link it links too down (seems like the little menu is not recognised). How can i solve that issue?
Thanks a lot in advance

Hello Marco

Sorry, but is this our template? which?
Generally, it may not work out of the box for any HTML templates and you may want to add a new feature to scroll to the predefined place in the template, is this feature enabled in the original template?

Hi, it is the Conbusi template, made by Colorlib.

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Sorry for the delay
Yes, indeed, as I said before this template is not designed to work like that, in other words, if you want scroll functionality you need to add it yourself, there is no other way, this is not included in the template and without customization, it’s not possible to achieve this


Ok, if it is strange, is it possibile to know from you where i have to make the changes?

Hi there

Well, since this is an HTML template you need to add JS codes in JS files and probably some CSS changes as well, after this, you will be able to use it,
I hope you understand :slight_smile: