Content is being duplicated on different Parallax sections


I have got multiple Parallax sections on my homepage, but when I am adding content to the page in Elementor - it duplicated all content onto all Parallax sections and I dont know how to change that.

What i am trying to achieve is one long form page with a few parallax sections each with different images and different content blocks but i cant find out a way of doing this.

I also cant seem to start new content on the next parallax section - i keep having to add spacer blocks to then add more content to the next section further down but it doesnt line up properly. With each new parallax section i want to start a new set of content blocks.

Please help me with both above points.


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When it comes to elementor, it is best not to use it with the frontpage widgets as it will cause issues, so please make a new page to use the elementor page builder.

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Ok so what drag and drop page builder can i use with the front page widgets?

and have you got any thoughts as to my questions about multiple parallax widgets with different content ?


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“Ok so what drag and drop page builder can i use with the front page widgets?” - front page widgets are kind of page builder and 2-page builder on the same page is not a good idea because they will not work good, you have to build page only with one page builder

what is the problem with the " parallax widgets with different content ?" - not clearly understand this question

Well I want to add multiple parallax sections on the page one after the other, and have each parallax section have different content on it. But when i add some content onto one parallax section, then add another parallax section for more content, the content from the first parallax section gets automatically displayed on the next parallax section and i cant add new content on it.

i have tried something else and just have one parallax small section at the top with the next sections as static background images, but the more content i add down the page the bigger the parallax section gets from the first section. how do i get the parallax section to stop getting bigger behind the rest of the content?

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Ok, i can test problems with parallax section duplication, please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box