Content loading under slider for Dazzling WP theme

All of my page’s content, including the CTA button are loading underneath the slider. I have attached a photo of the issue below. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt and I cant seem to figure out why. My URL is

I tested your website on 3 different browsers and clicked dozens of times back and forth but couldn’t replicate this bug. it could be some local issue with your browser. Try to clean your website and browser cache and try again. Also try to test it on another computer when you have a chance to see if it works there.

One thing that I would like to point out is that you have W3 Total Cache enabled but you haven’t configured any of its settings. Either configure it or just disable it as it doesn’t help to improve your website performance when it is activated but not configured. You can use all settings except Minify which might break some crucial website functionality.

Hi, I don’t think this is resolved. I am able to reproduce the problem owlsuns is having (OSx on Safari & Chrome).

To reproduce you need to refresh the page a few times and you will see content loading behind the slider (see screenshot).

I’m having the same problem with a site I’m building so I’m wondering if I need to find a new slider. The issue isn’t a problem in Firefox.

Any idea what the fix is?

I’m having this issue also.
But, I noticed it only happens with a refresh, never when I’m browsing the site.


Please can we have a fix for this asap!

The problem is definitely occurring and in practical terms makes the theme unusable!

I have tested this using Safari and Chrome browsers on Mac and the content appears under the slider.

Firefox for Mac is ok

IE for PC is ok

Chrome for PC is not - content appears under the slider also.

Haven’t tried Firefox for PC.

So its no use till this is fixed. Please respond ASAP!!

Hi Aigars,

I am also having this problem with our new website.

The slider loads on top of the rest of the page, including the CTA ribbon and the most recent post. See my attach screenshots. One is during the slider loading, the other is once it’s stopped loading. Notice the CTA ribbon is totally covered up, and the recent post can be seen a little underneath the slider.

The slider only aligns properly if you refresh the page. Or if you resize the browser window once the slider improperly loads.

To reproduce, you probably have to do it incognito (or clear your browser’s image cache first).

Thanks in advance Aigars!

Make sure to temporarily disable all plugins to see which one causes this issue. Once you test your website again make sure to clean your browser cache.

Also check if the same behavior is present on theme demo using the same device and browser you are having issues with your own website.

Hi Aigars,

I disabled all of the plugins on my site, cleared browser cache, and problem persisted. It does not happen with the Dazzling demo. I tried Chrome and Firefox, both are recent if not totally up to date browser versions.

Using WP 4.2.2



Could you please send me your website credentials via private reply, so I can do some debugging on your website. You can send me a private reply by simply selecting “Set as private reply”. Only you and me will see this information. Once I will be done I will notify you so you can change password just in case.

Hi Aigars,

You can login with:


Hi Aigars,

I wanted to know if you already did the debugging, or if you know when you plan to do it? Thank you very much.



Sorry for late response.

I did fix it on your website but I haven’t figured out why this errors only on selected sets of websites. Will still be looking into for the upcoming release.


I hope you don’t mind that I will do some more testing on your website as I can’t replicate this bug on my demo website and local server. It shouldn’t take more than few hours. Will notify you once I am done.

Great! Thank you for fixing it for me. I don’t mind if you continue using my site to research the bug for your theme. We hope to start building up the site after this week, so please be in touch with me.

Be well.



I am also having the same issue. It appears to be happening when new content is loaded into the slider. It appears to be happening on Safari for me, but okay on others.

Has a solution been found?
I’m happy to send private details to an admin if they wish to take a look.

Kind regards

Has there been any more progress on this issue? I am having the same problem on my site. The content below the slider appears under the slider, only upon loading: once you click one of the slider’s nav arrows it all looks fine. This occurs only in Chrome, on both PC and Mac.

Had an error uploading my second image. This is a screenshot of the site after first loading: with the content underneath the slider.

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