Content Widget Position 2(A,B,C) and 4 (A.B) and sidebar not showing up.


In my case everything doing great except “Content Widget Position 2(A,B,C) and 4 (A.B) and sidebar not showing up” . i m using wordpress version 4.8.1 and Tyche Theme 1.0.7.

Please help me out.

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Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it? Also, please provide an image of the issue on your end.

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Thanks for you response. the link is -
Image of this issue attached

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Thanks for that information.

The page is under construction so I was not able to view it but from the images the page having the issue is the shop page which would not be able to display the content widget areas because the page is displaying the products.

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I have the same problem the “Content Widget Position 2(A,B,C) and 4 (A.B) doesn’t show on my home page, The Sample images also doesn’t all look the same size like the demo website.


Apology for the inconvenience , Just disabled the under construction mode . Guess you got the issue , would appreciate if you tell me the way i can fix this.


list of products with three columns

Hello, support!

I have tried to work on an e-commerce project with the tyche theme of colorlib taking advantage of woocommerce features. I’m having trouble applying the “TYCHE PRODUCTS” widgets in the Content Widget # 2A, # 2B, # 2C, # 4A, and # 4B fields. The mentioned fields does not reflect application that would transform “content” into a list of products with three columns config to print extracted from the demo of you. I tried resorting to the functions.php file, but to no avail. Could support help me?

version tyche 1.0.7.
Wordpress 4.8.1

Thank you in advance!

Did anyone find a solution for this yet?

MOST WANTED SCARFS ON SALE FROM THE BLOG does not work on the front page. a lot of topics have been opened in this regard. Are not you going to help?

Hello guys, i solved the problem, if you need you can fix it with attachment file.
Just download and replace it in the inc/libraries/class-tyche-frontpage.php


am1re are you our hero? Colorlib will hire you! Wonder! Valeu!

am1re, how can I edit the CSS of the Tyche theme, could someone help me? I can not find the codes in the style.css file.

dude you awesome love you <3

alexandreperes: Edit the Tyche CSS by going here: Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS. As an example, to change the color of the text and arrows on the ad slider: .main-slider .main-slider-previous i, .main-slider .main-slider-next i {color:#ffffff}