Hello team,

I have downloaded “liquorStore” template and using it for a website.
I see there are icons from icommon.
Can you please answer below questions –

  1. if we display colorlib credit , is it enough for all the content porvided in the HTML template? all icons can be used without any copyright issues? ( i don’t include images, text content here, the question is only for icons)

  2. can we build upon these icons and use them ( with colorlib copyright line in footer kept intact)

  3. Can I change colors and images with the copyright?

  4. Is it necessary to have the main.html piece (attached) in the project?

  5. Is it necessary to show the copyright or can it be hidden (not deleted) with css?

Thank you for feedback.

hey there

thank you for questions, I will list them bellow

  1. yes, that’s enough
  2. Yes
  3. Yes you can
  4. no necessary, you do anything with it
  5. If you purchase a license then it’s not necessary, otherwise, you don’t have right to remove footer credit

I hope it helps :slight_smile: