Correct image size for Dazzling featured slider


thanks a lot for this amazing theme.

1- i’m having problems with my image uploads. can please specify what is the thumbnail, medium and large sizes for this theme. cos when i upload an image its too small for the slider and if i upload a 1600 width image then use it in featured image on a page or post the image is small! and if i remove the sidebar it will be small in the middle.

2- i want to create a filtered portfolio using the “OTW Portfolio Light plugin” cos the normal post dose not come in grids with filter options. however, those plugin have their own categories and posts and they have no connections. i prefer to use the normal posts and add the portfolio functionality on them. is this possible?

thanks in advanced

  1. There are only two size images defined by this theme:

add_image_size( 'dazzling-featured', 730, 410, true ); // Featured images in blog pages and single post view.
add_image_size( 'tab-small', 60, 60 , true); // Small Thumbnail Used For Widgets

You can change theme via functions.php file where current values are defined. Once you will change these values you will have to run regenerate thumbnails plugin because WordPress doesn’t resize images automatically for images that are already uploaded on your website. For all images that will be uploaded afterwards the new values will be applied automatically.

Slider images are displayed as-is and are not resized. We recommend to use 1920px by 600px images to get the same result like on our theme demo.

For clarification: featured images are the same ones that are in slider but featured images are resized but slider images are not. Also, the same image is used in the blog page as in single post page and are resized using CSS but has the same aspect ratio and cropping.

  1. No, this plugin can’t just use regular posts and that’s why it has its own custom post type.

Thanks alot for you reply.

That was very helpful!!

And sorry i was using sparkling theme and i posted here by mistake cos i used dazzling as well for testing.

But i have only 1 doubt! If the image of the slider is the orginal img, and i have picked 1600px as my slider img res, will the img be full with on hd resolution!

Cos i faced a problem when i add a featured img to a page and i make the page full size the features img stays centerd in the middle and dosnt strech!

Another issue was is that i tried to create a template for my poerfolio page in the child theme and when copied the fullwidth page template and renamed it! Then i assigned it to the page, the side bar disappear but the content dosnt strech full width.

  1. 1600px images are not going to be in full width for full hd displays but I think you don’t want to do that because these images will look pixelated. If you think that you still need to stretch those images to make them full width on any resolution you can add this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS
.flexslider .slides img {
  width: 100%;
  1. The could be so much different thing that you could do wrong trying to do your custom implementations in the actual theme code. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that.

Thanks alot, what you have helped with is more than enough. I will see if i can fix the 2nd problem and if i couldnt i will ask avery detailed question with codes.

Im really glad there is a theme like that with this amazing support.

Ok, agreed! :slight_smile: