Counter doesn't work on mobile


my counter doesn’t work on mobile.
The text is fine, but the counter is not visible and the background is just gray.
How do I fix this?

I don’t have any knowledge in code or this so called “child theme”
I don’t know any of this, so I kind of need a step-by-step explaination.

Thank you in advance

I think I fixed it.


Well it still doesn’t work correctly.
The counter works now but only if I click on it.((mobile only)
The background is still gray. (mobile & laptop)
I also changed the image one time.


Everything works now.

How did you fix it?

This is the emotional carousel ride of the day :slight_smile:

If I suspect alright, inputting new information for background and all the counter fields gradually fixed the issue.

Let us know about it!

Yea I just changed backgrounds all the time until it fixed it