Counter Widget Not Working

A post in November was posted about the counter widget not showing on live site (only when logged in). I have cleaned the cache/cookies, etc, but still does not show up in the Home page. The Counter is between the Services and Contact section (currently showing a white large space)! If I highlight the area where the numbers should show, it shows the numbers and text are there, but in white.


By the way - you guys should have a tip jar for donations! Thx.

Hey there

You can use this code to fix this problem:

#counter .counter-description {
color: #434343;

Still not working, I went ahead and removed this section. Thanks anyways.

Hey there

Are they removed now? I can’t see them anymore on your website

I removed it.The CSS did not work. Thanks anyways.


Well, if this is important for you can help, add it back and I will check the code again