Couple of problems with featured images on posts.


I am enjoying setting up the Sparkling theme, but I am having a few problems with Featured Images on posts that I hope you will be able to help with:

The only reason I have added a Featured Image is to cause the post to appear on the slider. I do not need it to appear anywhere else. I am using a picture ratio of 3:1 because I don’t need the slider to dominate the whole screen. The sample post I used as a Featured Image with dimensions 3988 × 1329.

  1. One the front page of the site, the blog roll displays the featured image above each post. Also, for some reason it only shows a section of the featured image, from the centre, sized at 750 x 410. I assume this is because it doesn’t like the 3:1 ratio of the image? Anyway, I would like to suppress this image; I don’t want to see it in the blog roll. I believe the element I want to suppress is “blog-item-wrap”.

  2. When I click through to the individual post, the Featured Image appears again. I don’t want it to appear here either, but have managed to switch it off with the Hide Featured Image plugin. [Interestingly, if you create a post as Full Width, the Featured Image is sized as though the post was a Default post.]

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
please provide url of your homepage and i will take a look