Crayon Syntax Highlighter expand goes behind sidebar


I use the Sparkling theme in my site I also use the Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin. This to display code blocks in my blog post. I the titlebar of such code block you can enable “Expand code”. When you do this, the codeblock adjusts the width of the code block so you don’t have a scrollbar. The only problem is that the code block goes behind the sidebar.

How can I fix this?


Try to add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.crayon-table td {
    background: #EEE !important;

Strange that in expand view content goes above sidebar but background goes below. At least on Chrome, FF and Safari all tested on Mac.

Let me know if this CSS trick doesn anything.

Yes did fixed my problem! Thank you!

BTW. I didn’t get any email about your reply. Bug in this site?

I am aware of this issue. It is bug in bbPress which is not compatible with Mandrill (service we use for email delivery) that should be fixed in version 2.6 but it is “in development” since spring. Hopefully, the fix will be available very soon.