Create Anchor for Read More Parralex Button to link to

I would like some assistance in the correct way to add an anchor to a section of my ‘About Us’ page (each individual team member will need an anchor link) and then have the Read More Button on my Home Page link to it.

i.e. when read more is clicked it takes the user to the appropriate section on my About Us Page.

Steps I have completed are:

  • On About Us page at the start of the appropriate content to link to, I have added

  • On the Home Page in the Shapely Parralex for Front Page I have used #zarabarnsley on the Button 1 link; I have also tried url/zarabarnsley; and also url/#zarabarnsley

With no success.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Can you give us your website address, and also a screenshot where exactly you want to add link to the author page, so that I can able to help you more efficiently.

If you don’t want to show the site publicly then use the “Private reply” so that moderators only able to see the reply.

Let us know,