create options/link in the HELP page

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How can I add my sub pages options as a box Link in the HELP page.

So for example, my HELP page has 3 sub pages options SIZE GUIDE, GLOVE CARE, GLOVE PERSONALIZATION.

I would these options to come up in the HELP page, so when I click on the HELP, it should give me the option to choose from these options. When I click on one of those options, should lead to the correct page.

So, if someone direct clicks on Help, it should have options to choose, as some may not choose the sub pages from the help, rather click on HELP direct.

My help page is empty at the moment, but have the sub pages with information

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You could try using a page builder to add button and links to the help page with the use of a page builder plugin. Here are a few:

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