create tag cloud

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I want to create such tags on my website, bukangoogleblog, how.?

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You can add the tag cloud by going to Appearance > Widgets and use the Tag cloud or Product tag cloud widget to display the tag cloud.

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it seems you do not understand what I mean?,

on the theme of the NewspaperX standard cloud tag like image 1, and I want to change it like picture 2. do you understand.

pic 2

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Thanks for clarifying.

This theme uses a structured tag display however you can add a similar tag display to the one in the image you shared with the use if the following plugin:

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I think you are proficient and provide intelligent solutions to my questions, but it turns out you only answer by suggesting links, I join here hoping to learn from the experts, but what I get is only an unsatisfactory answer. I can change it in the inspect charome menu, but when I change it in the widget.scss section it can not.

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