Creating a child theme

I’m interested in creating a child theme for shapely. I’ve found that when I try to create a child theme it seems to mess up a lot of the theme, could someone please tell me the correct way to create a child theme for the current version of shapely?

Hi @llewton,

You have attached a short tutorial. If this is not working try to use a plugin



Unfortunately, these resources are not solving my issue, I should have been a little more clear in explaining the problem.

I have made child themes before for other themes with no issue, it is Shapely in particular that is giving me the issue. When I create a child theme for Shapely the header logo goes away and is replaced with the site title, also the front page gets severely messed up. I would venture to guess it is because of some issue with involving the Shapely Companion Plugin.

Also as a side note, the document you sent me loads the style.css file using @import and from the little bit of reading I’ve been doing most sources say you shouldn’t use @import in the css file but rather enqueue it in a separate functions.php file.

I may be way off, I’ve only been trying to learn about this stuff for just over a week so I know there’s a lot I don’t know and some or all of what I wrote could reveal my ignorance, is there another step to creating a child theme specifically for Shapely that would take into account the logo disappearing in the header and the fancy paralax front page disappearing?


I attach you a child theme, can you try that?

After switching to a child theme, you need to change the logo and other values, because switching to a child theme, WordPress assumes that it is switching to a new theme, so need to set that once again.

If you have so many values changed, then you can use this plugin Customizer Export/Import – WordPress plugin | to import and export the customizer values.

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