Creating a new page that isn't a blog page

Newbie here. I am trying to create a page off of the menu, but it only gives me the layout of a blog page. How can I create a new page? I want to put a video and a resume pdf on it. Thanks

Hi @Tori

What do you mean by " page off of the menu" - in order to create page you just need to go in admin dashboard > pages and create a new page, did I miss something?
Let me know what exactly is your problem and please also provide URL of the page with screenshot


Thank you! I fixed the issue. I do have another question, can you stop the page from scrolling within the page? I’m not sure of the correct term, but I would like for web page to stay still and not scroll within themselves when scrolling down. Here is a link to a page that I am discussing. I would like the PDF to be locked on the page.

@Tori does not clearly get the question, can you please also unlock the page? I can only see this message " Great things are coming soon"