Crop/Responsive featured Image


Your theme is great, thank you for making it available.

However I’ve got just a main problem. The Featured image being used in the slider is being cropped in the post.
Which doesn’t make sense really.
Any chance the top image in a blog post can be displayed with the same ratio? Or having the possibility to use a different/single image in the slider?

Please Check and you may understand what I would like to do here…


Depending on your slider image size you can tweak featured image vale via functions.php file.

Right now featured image size is defined like this:

add_image_size( 'sparkling-featured', 750, 410, true );

You can change it to any value you want but change only height value because post is 750px wide and you don’t want to make larger that post area.

Afterwards you will have to use regenerate thumbnails plugin as WordPress won’t regenerate thumbnails from images that are already uploaded. For newly uploaded images there won’t be any problems after values are changed in functions.php file.

Just make sure to keep the same aspect ratio for slider images and featured images.

if your slider images are

1500px wide and 600px in height you want to use 750px by 300px images as featured images. This is just an example and please make sure to come up with images that works better for you.