CSS Code to Not Have Titles Cut Off

Hello there!

Using Shapely theme and hoping to get the CSS code to allow the full title to show on blogs instead of being cut off? I can provide the URL in a private response… I used to include in topic, but it was showing up in search results for my client… let me know if you even need it, but hopefully I can just get the code, thank you SO much!

Hi There,

From our demo, the blog titles show just fine on mobile.

Kindly share with me a related link to the page with the issue so that I may be able to advise further.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi, I’ve sent multiple requests about this… can you please respond? The titles are cut off both on mobile and on desktop. Thank you SO much in advance! I have sent two private support requests… I don’t see them here, so thinking because I set as private, maybe that is why? I so appreciate your response! This is still an issue for us…

Thank you in advance!

Hey there

Kimmy, your website url is not there