css file

i working with the cruise template, i want locate a particular page in the css folder to change the color of the page? please advise thanks

HI there

Please provide a link to the page and point me to the element you want to change style

the hasn’t been published yet, here a screenshot… i would change blue to white and wording to black…thanks

Open your “cruise” folder and also open a “css” folder.
Next open a “style” css file (if you do not know how to open it, download notepad ++ and then open)

When you have opened style.css, press on your keyboard “CTRL + F” and search for:
.section-2” and delete the following:

.section-2 {
  background: #1c2d37; }
  .section-2 .section-2-title {
    color: #fff; }
    .section-2 .section-2-title h2 {
      color: #fff; } 

Then press “CTRL + F” again and search for:
.feature-2” and delete the following:

.feature-2 {
  color: #fff; }
  .feature-2 h3 {
    color: #fff; }


Ok, guys, I will close this case since the problem is already resolved :slight_smile: