CSS SCSS problem changing

HI I have just started to build a website in Dreamweaver. I want to change text size and colors, change image sizes and so on. By what ever CSS file I change in nothing happens. The css files are linked and there are following CSS files: In the CSS folder: style.css in the SCSS folder: style.css and style.scss.

The theme is Feliciano Bootstrap.

Hi thanks, tahts what I think but… there is a bootstrap folder? I did remove that one yesterday but that didnt help. See attached file how it looks.

Here is all folders open

Hi there

Where can I check this problem? please post the url of the page and let me know which element style you want to change.
Please note, this is a pure HTML template, you just need to change CSS in the file or you can also add new styles at the bottom of the files, or by attaching new CSS file

I think you should visit the following post and you will get your answer:
Hopefully, it will help you in solving your problem. Otherwise do use the search box for a solution.

@epicapks1 this is a old ticket,