Custom CSS for Beginner

I hope to get an answer from keymaster on this site can help me. I have asked around on codeacademy and didn’t get any answers. I need with coding. It is intimidating to me and I don’t know what I’m doing. I have a wordpress theme I like Twenty Seventeen.

However, I dislike the “home, blog and about” button below the header I would like to remove it. I also dislike the default widgets in the theme placed on the left. For instance, the search button, about this blog, archives, categories, subscribe, etc. is to the left side of the page theme.

How can I create a top left menu toggle bar in my header to put these category templates? The scrawl theme has the top menu bar at the right hand side. I like this menu bar style with the three lines and would like to include it in my header.

I want my blog posts fill the entire page for infinite scrolling.
I would like my social media icons to look like the one in this theme below a post:
I would like “related posts” below my social media icons like this one:
I would like my readers to click on a post and below have “previous post” to the left and “next post” to the right. Like this one:
I would like my comments section to look like this style.

Is there a way to remove the default font and replace it with lora? I would like to make minor alterations to this theme. I don’t know what to do. Would I just need to download/upload the twenty seventeen theme and then copy/paste the custom css in a section or do I need plugins to make changes? I don’t have experience coding and I understand some of it. I could really use some help with this.

Hi there

Thank you for the interest, we will definitely not leave your question unanswered.
@whatevercool90 im sorry to say but your question is all about customization, unfortunately I can’t offer support for your customization, everything can be done as you want but this is a clear customization question and not a support question